Cartoon Fiasco

TL;DR - Cartoon Fiasco Playset

Soon-to-be 11yo daughter wants to do a role playing game for her birthday party. One of her friends doesn’t play a role playing games. There’s a cooperative storytelling game called Fiasco. I made up a little cartoon setting for it. Today I played cartoon fiasco with daughter and soon-to-be 14yo son. I was worried that they would not understand it, or be bored or be upset. It’s mostly a game about terrible things happening to cartoon characters, and while that’s hilarious in cartoons, I could see it being less funny when it’s “your” character.

In our story, the climax was a brawl between an Minion-styled race-car, its Monster truck ex-girlfriend, an evil genius motorcycle bent on revenge, and a thieving anime vampire desperate to pay off the race-car’s medical bills.

They loved it! Really knocked it out of the park with this experience. So pleased.

The game is available for purchase here and you can download my playset here.