I love making silly videos and movies. Sometimes with family. Sometimes on my own. Here are some silly videos:

Fun Facts

Every morning Mike gave me a topic, and every afternoon I gave him a fun fact on that topic. Eventually I started recording them as a video series. There are now 45 of them.

Fun Facts - 1 min each

Book Advertisements

My brother Gabriel Dunston is a comic artist. He puts out books sometimes. We made silly advertisements for two of them.

Kids’ Films

When you KNOW it’s going to be a boring weekend and you’ve GOT to take on a project just to stay sane, you make a movie. Of course. Genre films are easy; their formulas are paint-by-number. And making genre films helps introduce autistic kids to film literacy.


I started learning guitar a while back. I wrote a song. It is exactly the kind of song you would expect from an engineer just learning guitar.

The Taco Song - 3 min